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Today’s focus set the foundation for our future. If we want to contribute to a better world, few things are more powerful than to support the leaders who have what it takes to put change in motion.

Savvy Females believe in the concept of a new generation of leaders who are here to transform our societies and our world. Leaders that lead the way for a new model of unification and encourage us to build bridges between cultures, continents and economic levels. Leaders that are here to lighten up the way for us to transition from a world of separation to a unified world we are commonly responsible for.

Savvy Females are a proud supporter of female leaders that we believe hold a golden key for change in their nations, their cultures and for the entire human family. We proudly support and focus on female leaders who create opportunities for women in their local communities and countries, women who supports other women and the leaders we believe have solutions for breaking through unhealthy cultural patterns, solve socio-economic imbalances and supports financial and social sustainability.

The Savvy Females model supports a selection of female game changers with proven business models ready to scale up. We support the leaders with business mentoring, financial support and contributes with an empowering community to promote growth and synergies to lay a solid foundation for them to make an even greater impact.

Our Leaders

Sanjana Dixit

Sanjana Dixit is the Founder& Executive Director of RutuChakra, an organization promoting personal and menstrual hygiene amongst individuals of all ages and backgrounds. She is very passionate about women empowerment especially the menstrual movement, and through RutuChakra, strives to achieve the ideal world where all menstruatorscan menstruate with dignity. This passion is her driving force, constantly pushing her forward and enabling her to overcome any challenge or setback alongthe way.

She is currently an 18-year-old student at theUniversity of California Los Angeles, majoring in Molecular Biology and Business Economics. In 2019, Sanjana became one of the youngest socialentrepreneurs to receive the award 'Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All' at the Women Economic Forum. She has been chosen as one of the Top 10Young Changemakers from India by Ashoka Organization. Sanjana believes that every individual has the power to make a change, and actively works to empower and inspire other millennials. 

Apart from being a reproductive right activist, Sanjana is also a passionate feminist working to achieve gender equality. She has panelled on prestigious platforms such as the'Golden Girls Conclave' by Malabar Gold & Diamond in association with theTimes of India and the 'Lead Young Forum' by Ashoka Organisation.

MISSION 10 000

JOIN US ON OUR MISSION TO SUPPORT 10 000 OF OUR FELLOW SISTERS IN INDIA!!! In India the menstrual period is seen as shameful and dirty, culturally there is a lot of stigma around this cause. Young women in the slum areas are not aloud to go inside their home or able to go to school during their entire period every month because the families can’t afford menstrual hygienic products. At some cases they have to sit still over a hole in the ground for up to a week every month during their period. Sanjana and her organization contributes both with informative events and hygienic products. Her organization have until today supported 6.000 women in her region and the next milestone is to reach 10.000 supported women. 500,- rupies which is 63,- NOK or $7 support one women one entire year. Savvy Fremales is a contributer and supporter for Sanjana & her Indian sisters in the slum area and we invite all of you to join on our mission to reach a total of 10 000 women supported within the next three months.

Support us through the Donate button and for Norweigan supporters VIPPS is also available. Specify with Sanjana to directly support one or more women, 1 women=63,-NOK or $7,-, multiply with as many as you wish or support one. If you write your name on VIPPS or message us if you donate via card/paypal we will also list you as a contributer for the project, this is of course only if you wish to.


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