Savvy Females

Empowering the world with
female brilliance

There are so many incredible women out there full of potential and value to share with the world. Savvy Females is founded to bring us together and elevate the potential of the world we are living in. To inspire and lead way for others, to reach new heights by building bridges between people and groups, and to provide a powerful anticipation of how a better future can turn aspirations of peace into reality.

Bridge building and cross culture Collaborations

By understanding how we are linked across time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages & culture, we believe that through bridge building and cross culture collaborations we can apply powerful partnerships that will break down the barriers that separates us from each other. With the goal to positively affect the entire human family and to accelerate financial sustainability over the globe.

A new wave of global connections

We bring groups of women together and help them to discover what they have in common to make it possible for people and groups to share experiences and to work together. By finding links to each other a common ground is likely to be discovered and lead to opportunities that will escalate their business massively. We introduce people to people they need to know to regularly create opportunities that match their talents.  

Mentoring service

Savvy Females is a catalyst for women to turn ideas into action and make things happen. We co-design innovative plans for expansion and outline action steps, individualized after prevailing circumstances. We give emotional support and contribute with external resources.

Empowering the world with female brilliance

Savvy Females empower the population to feel enthusiastic about the innovative ideas that will move the culture forward. To support the vision of a better future and to entertain the original ideas that are innovative, inventive and resourceful for the evolution of our society.

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Do you want your organization to be a part of a movement that escalates humanitarian and financial sustainability over the globe and contribute to the co-creation of a better world for all?

As a platinum partner in Savvy Females you will increase your 3BL remarkably and get the golden opportunity to support a cause that are transforming and revolutionizing the world for the next generation of women and girls. For more info, visit our Platinum Partners Page.

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Our founder

Tove Lovisa Bergkvist

Executive Director

“Savvy Females are brought together to empower the world with female brilliance through a new wave of global connections. We believe that by coming together and build bridges between cultures, continents and economic levels we will escalate sustainability over the globe, socially, financially, and environmentally”

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