about us

A new wave of
Global Connections

With the goal to positively affect the entire human family

Bridge building and cross culture Collaborations

By understanding how we are linked across time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages & culture, we build bridges and encourage cross culture collaborations that applies powerful partnerships that breaks down the barriers that separates us from each other. Our goal is to positively affect the entire human family and to accelerate financial sustainability over the globe.

A new wave of global connections

We bring global leaders and groups of women together to discover what they have in common and make it possible for people and groups to share experiences and to work together. By finding links to each other a common ground is likely to be discovered and lead to opportunities that will escalate their business massively. We introduce people to people they need to know, to regularly create opportunities that match their talents.  

Mentoring service

Savvy Females is a catalyst that help women groups to turn ideas into action and make things happen. We design innovative plans for expansion and outline action steps, individualized after prevailing circumstances. We give emotional support and contribute with external resources.

Empowering the world with female brilliance

Savvy Females empower the population to feel enthusiastic about the innovative ideas that will move the culture forward. To support the vision of a better future and to entertain the original ideas that are innovative, inventive and resourceful for the evolution of our society.

Giving back

Savvy Females Foundation

We are from the core of our values a socially responsible company driven by the potential to make this world a better place. Savvy Females Foundation is a internal foundation that allows us to through our funding program support selected leaders of women groups in developing countries and through our one-year program serve the purpose of helping the groups to escalate their business globally and to collaborate in a team environment with the other groups in the program.
We strive to credibly innovate the right sources whereas high standards in social development counts. Our goal is to energistically scale up future-proof core competencies vis a impactful experiences.

-Tove Lovisa
Engagement Matters

Our quantitative goals

  • Increase the number of female entrepreneurs locally with 10-15% within 2-3 years from start
  • Spread awareness and deliver cross culture collaborations globally to maximize engagement
    for the women connected to the program
  • Increase global collaborations with 20% within the given area
  • Contribute to a more equalized society by engaging local women in business and
    increase the number of active women with 10-30% depending on location and current conditions
A Better World

Our Core Values

  1. Deliver Value Through Purpose-Driven Actions
  2. Embrace Empowerment, Emotions & Change
  3. Pursue Learning & Growth
  4. Build Transparent & Honest Relationships
  5. Strive for Alignment
  6. Add Value to the Evolution of a Better World
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