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Let Savvy Females be your catalyst for change and growth.

Savvy Mentors

Savvy Females offer mentorship programs and online courses from coaches with proven results for their clients.

Through our excellent mentorship program you will be teamed up with a coach specifically chosen for you. The coaching process is tailored to your specific needs and goals, and together we design innovative plans for expansion and growth, as well as outline targeted and measurable action steps. We believe in a holistic approach and offer emotional support in the process.

When engaging with a Savvy Females mentor, you will be teamed up with experts in coaching female entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. Every process in specifically tailored to you and your business with your main goals and objectives in mind. All Savvy Females mentors have a holistic approach to coaching and mentoring and will be able to support you on multiple levels.

A Savvy Females mentor supports you with:

  • Focus and clarity around your business and mission
  • Goalsetting
  • Innovative plans with targeted and measurable action steps
  • Keeping you focused and maintaining momentum
  • Connect you with likeminded female entrepreneurs through our worldwide network
  • Emotional support through a holistic approach to the entire process
  • Possibilities for external contribution (by application)

Our Mentors

Karmin Habibi

Karmin Habibi is a dynamic first class mentor  with a passion to inspire, educate and empower leaders to be, do and have more. Her story of adversity and how she created her own path to success is not only unique but relatable, serving to give hope and guidance to people who demand more from life.

Her teachings purpose is to provide today's leaders with actionable tools, resources and education so they can create more Influence, Impact and Income doing what they love.

She shared the stages with world-class leaders such as recently Brian Tracy and Robert Kiyosaki and leads the way to empower other female entrepreneurs to have a voice and to be seen, felt and heard.

You will also find a number of her incredible  top rated programs in the shop.


The shifts after 21 days are beyond anything my wildest dreams would have put in my frame of reference and lord God I can't wait to see my dreams manifest, goals fulfilled (MY Goals) and have the impact on the world I truly want to have and living my best life a happier, whole, ever evolving ME

Lakshika | UK

I knew WHAT I wanted and WHY but was missing the HOW!! This challenge has helped me massively getting clarity on the HOW as going through the daily process and daily Action sheets every day unwrapped giving more clarity in my daily life! I absolutely loved that, this has got me in the action mode; knowledge only is not enough unless you take Action!! Karmin and her course did exactly what I needed: ACTION.

Mette Semb-Lund

Mette is a multi-passionate professional NLP coach and life designer.

She works mainly with women one on one on business, career and health related topics as well as life coaching and life design, and has more than 3000 hours of coaching on her back.

Mette offers female leadership development programs which focus on intentional leadership based on values and value-based communication and has hosted several workshops for female leaders in small businesses.

Mette is a certified NLP coach and health coach and have numerous courses within mindfulness, hypnotherapy and career related topics.

Clara | NY

“Mette has changed the way I look upon myself as a leader and highly impacted my leadership style and communication skills with her value-based approach to the matter. I have worked with her on how to communicate effectively and from the heart, as well as how to stand firmly in my values,and now feel more aligned as a leader than ever before.”

Marthe | Norway

”I will strongly recommend Mette as coach if you’re stuck in limiting beliefs and patterns. Mette is strongly committed to give you tough love by challenging and supporting you through the process. She’s never judgemental and it felt safe to share even the most negative and dark thoughts with her. I had lost my faith in love and also convinced myself I was outdated on the job-market. The coaching I had with Mette was a wonderful contribution to both anew job and a new love.”

Maria Spiteri

Maria Spiteri is a multi-talented Business Coach and Life Strategist.

She brings a combination of knowledge and experience, spanning mindset, business acumen and personal energetic alignment to provide strategic solutions, success shortcuts and rapid results.

Maria is leading the way for a new paradigm of success, and her mission is to guide you through these challenging times of change.Maria clears your blocks that are holding you back and empowers you to live in your highest purpose and potential.

Maria has several degrees, diplomas and certifications within psychology, business, coaching and intuitive energy healing techniques. She combines her knowledge and experience to guide you to step out of your comfort (or discomfort) zone and step into your genius zone.

Maria takes you on a journey of empowerment, courage and growth, and shows you how to live with ease and flow, so that you can up-level all aspects of your life and experience meaningful success in the new normal.

Ellie I London, UK

“Within an hour she went in depth with my financial, personal, career and family issues … She identified clearly where the problems were, and she prompted me to find the solutions and together we defined an action plan with specific goals. I felt relieved from my emotional and psychological clutter, in fact I realised how empowered and inspired I was after our session! I loved the experience!”

Sam I London, UK

“Maria’s holistic approach, coupled with her outstanding coaching skills, she managed to change my life in one session by removing my negative blocks. I feel absolutely amazing, she has put me in touch with my intuition in a way that I have never experienced or could ever of imagined. Maria is an absolute Angel & one of a kind, I cannot recommend her highly enough, she has even helped me feel at peace & helped remove anxiety with all that is going on with the world & Covid -19.”

Richa Chandra

Richa is a multipotential soul with a unique passion for dance, meditation and business coaching.

She works mainly with entrepreneurs and business owners executives, with a significant focus on branding, visibility and mindset.  

Richa offers various meditation and coaching programs to individuals and enterprises alike, that were developed carefully to strengthen the principles of leadership, goal orientations and mapping, attaining the breakthrough point and all while having an abundance mindset and conscious decision making.

She enjoys working with female leadership and entrepreneurs in particular, with a sense of building a responding community. She has also hosted several fruitful workshops and coaching sessions and has over 5000 hours of experience in coaching and meditation.

Richa is a certified NLP practitioner, meditation teacher and coach with numerous courses on mindfulness, money mindset and business branding.

Amna Wasim, Department manager, Briga AS Språk & Kompetanse

During a repackaging session of our services Richa shared interesting business ideas and new perspectives. There was no doubt that Richa had our companies’ best interest in mind. Her techniques of packaging and pricing of your services were beneficial. We have been collaborating with Richa for almost 2 years and it has been a really nice journey so far. She is a dedicated person with extensive experience and knowledge.

Prasantha Devulapalli - Leadership Coach and Business Owner -PD Management and Consultancy

I love these one on one coaching sessions, specially from one who has so much experience and knowledge on how to stay grounded. Richa made me feel powerful and I felt my body language changed.

Nadia Boerch

Nadia Boersch is a serial entrepreneur, business, brand & marketing consultant and female leadership expert.

Nadia is consulting businesses globally to manage their businesses strategically, putting the customer in the centre of the business model, and to treat their brand like the hottest love affair they ever had.

Nadia had key leading positions in some of the most successful global brand companies: Uber, Philip Morris and Nestlé.

As a leadership expert, Nadia has made it to her mission to transform business women into Natural Female Leaders through the transformative power of the animal that reads right through us: horses.

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